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Successful Get Togethers

"After talking through chat, the four of us met up for a bite to eat and a bike ride along the water. Now we convoy together because they are just such good company."

John & Joan Willis

I thought I was in trouble with the park ranger when he approached me but he turned out to be an RVillager.

Chris & Cherie

Had a great evening meeting up with Tricia and G in St. Louis earlier this week. Even when we're without RV, we still have community on the road.

Shell On Wheels

Thanks to you guys we were able to have a fun unofficial RVillage.com rally! :) We're loving the CHECK-INs!'


Thanks to RVillage, made a new friend today - Barb Brady - and went on one of the most beautiful hikes ever.

Sheila Parocai

Had lunch today at Lambert's in Foley Beach, AL. Two of us were newbies with Donna our host in the right hand corner as the voice of experience. Great fun.

Two Travelers

After corresponding through RVillage for about 6 months, we were finally in the same park and had a great time with Tom and Carolyn.

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