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I just got rested after my 1st group campout since I started full timing 4 years ago. I had so much fun. I don’t usually connect with people very well. This was different. I felt like I already knew them. Which I sort of did because I had been attending virtual get togethers #VGTG off and on over the last 18 months. Chris and Gina of The Riveted Fox group put it together. The attention to detail and inclusiveness was over the top. As a result of that group campout #CarouselCampout I met up with a friend from there and we went out to get some #weRVhere photos today. It was so much more fun to go exploring with another RVer. Thanks again RVConnector for all you do for us. Thanks to RVillage for having Chris and Gina Fox to show us how it all comes together. I would always be alone if it weren’t for them and I am beyond grateful for their enthusiasm and encouragement. #TheRivetedFox