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I am currently boondocking south of Moab, Utah, nice and quiet and very nice scenery. Friday I went to tour Arches National Park...It was closed??? Huh?? Seems as though it was full, at least that's what the sign said, it also said come back in 3-5 hours. Well I was not about to make a 36 mile roundtrip hoping. Sooooo I decided to comeback bright and early Saturday which is what I did. I was at the gate at 8am (yes that is normally before I get up) and there were 10-15 vehicles ahead of me. When I got to the gate to showed my America the Beautiful Access card to the cute female ranger who gave me a map. The visitors center does not open until 9am so I took a leisurely drive on the entire 18 mile road stopping frequently taking pictures of the awesome sights. When I got to the end I circled around and headed back. Stopped at the Visitors center for some stickers and then went home. Pictures are attached. #WeRVHere