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Today in my RV inspections book, Chapter 3 and Section P, I'm talking about polarity and Voltage Checks Section P – Polarity/Voltage Checks What is a polarity check when it comes to Alternating Current (AC)? A polarity test is done to ensure that the hot, neutral, and ground wires connected correctly in the receptacle. For the voltage check we want to make sure the voltage is between 108 and 136 volts. Low voltage can ruin things with motors like Air Conditioners and of course voltage that is too high can ruin just about everything. If you are not running an EMS, at least entertain the idea as it will protect you from both low and high voltage. As you can see below 122 Volts and the same device, I use to check GFCI also can tell you about a mis-wired receptacle. #safety #maintenance #repair #service #RVing #rvlife #rvs