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For anyone visiting Perry Georgia, I just added a new business to the business section. "The Swanson" please check it out, this is one amazing true southern dining experiences yet. We had the fried green tomatoes, Cary had the "Meatloaf Dinner (to die for) I chose the "Chicken Fried Chicken" rutabaga, and sweet potato souffle, need I say that dessert was amazing too. The beauty of this all is we just met the owners ( Mike & Kim) while we were in Red Bay Alabama getting service work. conversations revealed they owned a "small restaurant" in Perry GA. Let me tell you this is no "small business" it is the hub of the historical district in Perry. When we arrived, we were greeted with that southern hospitality, "Maddie" made sure our dining experience was perfect and their General Manager, Brad sat with us gave us some history and a personal tour of the historical district. Thank You to the owners (Kim and Mike) the family-like staff at The Swanson! 2 thumbs up time 2!