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Welcome to RVillage! What a great #VGTG. We are glad you have joined us on RVillage! Thank you for coming to a Virtual Happy Hour in your Honor. Hope you enjoyed meeting others and learning a little about the platform. It was so nice meeting all the "New" Members, learning about their RV lifestyle and connecting them with fellow members! Hope everyone had a fun Happy Hour and will return next month to meet some more "New" members! We are so happy you are here and part of the RVillage Community! Please join us on other VGTGs, you never know what we will do! LOL If you missed this Virtual Get Together, no worries there will be more. Check out the list under the Get Together tab at the top of the page or click here and join in anytime. We would love to meet you! #gettogethers #VGTG #therivetedfox #GTG #rvlife #alonetogether #connections #newrvillager #happyhour #newmemberhappyhour