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Welcome New RVillagers!!! What a pleasure it was to meet you all last night. Congratulations on the new Rigs, travel, joining RVillage and connecting with some of your fellow RVers! Hope you enjoyed the Happy Hour and will return for some of the other #VGTG listed under the Get Together Tab! These get togethers are for everyone to go and enjoy. Don't forget, there is a great VGTG coming up this Thursday ~ a Q and A on RV remodeling and renovations with the team from RV Enthusiast. Hope to see you there! Oh, be sure to Update your Location and Friend each other so you can stay connected on the road! Cheers! If you missed this Virtual Get Together, no worries there will be more. Check out the list under the Get Together tab at the top of the page or click here and join in anytime.  We would love to meet you! #gettogethers #VGTG #therivetedfox #GTG #rvlife #alonetogether #RVillagefriends #updatelocation #newmemberhappyhour