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Leaking valve to washer/dryer repair. Tiffin in their infinite wisdom decided to save the cost of an extra two feet of supply hose to the washer that would allow me to replace a leaky supply valve. They installed it up high and deep in the back of a narrow shelf. The shelf was only 4” tall and basic tools, like an average screwdriver were too long. The shelf is very deep and you need arms as long as an orangutan to reach the valves. How about I just remove the shelf for a little more space to work. Nah, Tiffin covered that too. The shelf is wider than the opening and you can’t just pull it out. Must have been easier to build it that way on the factory floor but they managed to make a simple 20 minute job into a week long messy nightmare having to cut out the sidewall of the w/d cabinet. I’d always desired to have an access door to the back of the w/d so I can check for leaks, keep an eye on things. I removed most of the thin wall plywood with a small Dremel skill saw. The opening is behind some sliding privacy doors in the bedroom so you never even see it. Once that wall plywood was removed I had great access to the backs of both the washer and dryer. I found the sloppiest spaghetti bowl of excessively long tangled hoses I’d ever seen. It was such a messy install I’m surprised I hadn’t had water leaks earlier. Cheap plastic valves, tangled supply hoses, the few hose supporting fixtures that hadn’t failed were hanging by a thread. I went to work. Shortened up all the hoses and put in sturdy mounting brackets for them. Installed and securely mounted new brass valves, I even mounted a little Harbor Freight light to I can easily check for leaks without even getting a flashlight. Finally, I cleaned up the rough edges of the opening and mounted a piece of pegboard to give a finished look to my new w/d access panel. It was a big job but I’m quite happy and confident that I can access the back of the w/d now. My motto with my coach is constant vigilance. Complex, sloppy, hard to access water sources in an RV are just asking for trouble. Now I can keep an eye on it to ensure it’s behaving itself.