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Two months from today, (May 1, 2015), was suppose to be our official launch date.  We will officially work our last days on April 22nd and 23rd.  A friend of ours recently engaged, chose to make April 25th their wedding day.  Then, they wanted to take a short honeymoon cruise and knowing we have cruised in the past, they wanted anyone who wanted to cruise with them to join.  So, April 30th, we will join the newlyweds on their 3 day honeymoon cruise, along with the other lady in the wedding and her friend.  Needless to say our launch date got pushed back by 4 days, and that's alright!  That is the beauty of being Full-Timers.  Our plans can change at any given time.  We'll take this in stride and enjoy the time with friends as they celebrate their new life together and we will celebrate a new beginning ourselves.