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Cleaning the clogged propane line on a water heater: The gas water heater wasn't lighting on my motorhome. I could hear the propane hissing and the igniter sparking, but it just wouldn't catch. The last few times it did run, it sounded very rough and choppy the whole time it was heating the water, like it would shut off at any moment. I usually don't mess around with anything propane, but this was back in mid-March when everything was starting to lockdown, and I was boondocking in Quartzsite. I explained my problem to a very handy friend over the phone, and he said it sounded like a clogged propane orifice. He carefully explained exactly what to do, and I got off the phone & confidently followed these steps. (The zip-tie was my idea.) I put everything back together, turned the propane on, flipped the switch and the burner lit—and stayed lit—with no more sputtering, ever since then! Thanks again, Clay, if you see this!