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Lengthy Veterans Day post here…. So we were boondocking last Oct. in the Valley of Fire area of NV near Lake Mead. One day a large truck pulled up to our Airstream and this man pictured was inside. He owned an Airstream also and thought he would just stop and visit for a few mins. We talked for hours, learned he was a Veteran and served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam all three!! His mind was still VERY sharp and hIs stories were amazing! As they were leaving we realized we had the same last name!! After extensive genealogy research provided by our RVillage friends Rob & Barb / Retirees In Training we are not related. His name is David Fox, born in 1926, and still living on this Veterans Day! RVing allowed us the privilege to meet this amazing man and have that great experience. We will be giving him a call today! #veterans #boondocking #VGTG #GTG