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Thanks everyone for joining us on the Open Topic VGTG. It was fun seeing some of us with other VGTG members - IN PERSON! We were boon docking in FL at Laura and Rogers, Tay was in LA with Cajunville (John & Laurie) and Brenda and Bob - Taking a Fork in the Road were in AZ with Lew . Also, there are a lot of Congrats in order . . . New Rigs, New Jobs, New RVers, New Members, Some hitting the road again and more! If you missed this Virtual Get Together, no worries there will be more. Check out the list under the Get Together tab at the top of the page or click here and join in anytime.  We would love to meet you! #gettogethers #VGTG #therivetedfox #GTG #rvlife #alonetogether #opentopic #rvfriends #boondocking #moochdocking