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Want to do it again? We do and are working on adding some tools to help on our travels to POIs. Sound interesting? Then please be looking out for the next "Virtual Road Trip" VGTG coming in June. But . . . This VGTG really turned out to be a great one! After reading your comments, we see you liked it too. Below are a few pics from the "Virtual Road Trip". You will see the location of this one is - Ocala, FL to NOLA and then some of the POI (points of interest) we all shared and discussed. We will put a list up in the Group Forum for you soon (still working on it). These VGTG are so much fun and we really learn lots from each other. Thank you for showing up and sharing! We are all in this crazy RV life together! Cheers! If you missed this Virtual Get Together, no worries there will be more. Check out the list under the Get Together tab at the top of the page or click here and join in anytime.  We would love to meet you! #gettogethers #VGTG #therivetedfox #GTG #rvlife #alonetogether #coolkids #roadtrip #pointsofinterest #rvtrip #map #ocala #nola #virtualroadtrip Photo courtesy of the map with the POIs on it goes to John from Cajunville. Thank you so much!!