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Okay everyone, How was your day? We are back from exploring and mostly stayed out of trouble! Our day started with a cute little donut shop in Jim Thorpe PA - then following some really cool artsy signs along the street led us to an Art Museum ~ this led us to a park where we saw a Train, beautiful River and trekked through a Cave! After all this, we stopped for food and beers and...wait for it...Cronuts!! (Croissant/Donut) Now, we ask you . . . Is this a way to start and end a day or what? The last pic is the view from our lunch spot - Roadies! It was a great day! One of the best parts of all ~ we did all this with our good friends Cajunville (John & Laurie)! Thanks John for driving and Laurie don't worry . . . No donuts tomorrow, but can't guarantee what the rest of the week will bring! . . . Cronuts ~ LOL. who knew???