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The Icing on the Cake!



    This is the final chapter of our 35 Day Trip through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California in May/June of 2019.  The first day home was truly the ICING ON THE CAKE for this trip!


    Our last day in Williams, AZ (May 24th) we took a couple of hours to walk around town.  While the air was cool the sun was warm.  It was nice to be out in the fresh air with the sunshine on our faces. Williams is a very pretty area.  The Grand Canyon Railway is amazing and I was blessed to spend some time with their Polar Express Event Manager to learn what they do to make their event so successful.


    May 25th we were on the road by 10:00 a.m.  Our next destination is Nellis Air Force Base Desert Eagle RV Park in North Las Vegas.  We arrived there at about 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon.  Very nice park.  The area we were put in had very large sites with gravel packed and level sites for the rigs and a nice picnic table on a cement pad.  The best part is that it was warm.  About 90 degrees.  After being chased by the snow for about 10 days it was nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the evening in shorts and a tank top.  I am happy to report nothing notable occurred while we were staying in North Las Vegas.  We were here until May 30th.  Our next stop was Pahrump, NV, where we would be staying at Preferred RV Resort which is a member of the Resorts of Distinction we are members of. 


    We made a stop at a Costco in southwest Las Vegas before taking the road which passes by Red Rock Canyon to the Blue Diamond Highway.  The drive was beautiful even though we were in the middle of a thunderstorm.  I wish I could say the same for the Blue Diamond Highway.  Pahrump has become somewhat of a bedroom community for Las Vegas.  It is only about 1 hour from Las Vegas to Pahrump on the Blue Diamond Highway.  There was road construction on the Blue Diamond Highway starting in Las Vegas and ending about 5 miles south of Pahrump and it was awful!  They had set up the traffic cones and jersey barrier in such a way an RV had no choice but to ride the rumble strips all the way if they wanted to stay on the road.  My nerves were totally rattled (Yes, pun intended) by the time I reached the RV Resort in town.


    Preferred RV Resort is behind the Gold Town Casino and across the street from the Gold Nugget Casino on Highway 132/Crawford Way.  This isn’t a bad park.  I was a little concerned when we first pulled because of the number of used/older RV’s I saw which looked as though they were permanent residents.  As our home resort at Harmony Ridge is a member’s only resort and long term rentals are not allowed this is what I expected at Preferred.  Oh well.  Anyway, the sites are pretty much level and the facilities at the resort (restrooms, laundry rooms, pool, hot tub, horseshoes, playground, etc.) were all very well maintained.  We pulled into our pull through spot and began unhooking our toad from the rig.  We disconnected our All Terrain Road Master tow bar only to find one of the telescoping pipes would not go back down into the outer shell.  With some close inspection we found that somewhere along the line between Las Vegas and Pahrump I had bent the tow bar when I attempted to sharp of a turn.  We are pretty sure it happened at Costco.  Well, after much contemplation and research we decided the best thing to do was to order a new one through Amazon and have it delivered to us at the RV Resort in Pahrump.  We ordered it on a Saturday morning and it arrived at our location in Pahrump at 2:00 p.m. the following Tuesday.  Wednesday morning, we disconnected the old tow bar, installed the new one and prepared to head out to our next location of Anaheim.


    It is now June 5th and we are headed to the place they call, “The Happiest Place on Earth” for 3 days.  We drive through Baker, CA, on our way and it was 100 degrees in Baker at 10:55 a.m.  Whew!!!  Highway 132 from Pahrump passes by one of the ways into Death Valley and Dumont Dunes on the way into Baker.  I was driving along when I looked in the side view mirror and saw about 7 solid black cars in a caravan coming up behind me quickly.  I was doing between 60 and 65 m.p.h. and they began passing me like I was sitting still.  All of the cars had manufacturer’s plates on them.  The first 4 to pass me were Tesla’s, the 5th one was an Audi, the 6th one BMW sedan, the 6th one was a Hundyai and the seven one was a Range Rover.  Until I saw the manufacturer’s plate I thought I had a special secret caravan with some big dignitary coming up to pass me.  It was really somewhat of a cool site.  Yes, sometimes the littlest things in life amuse me. 


    I grew up in Whittier, CA.  I left there on my 20th birthday in 1981 to relocate to Carson City, NV, and I never looked back.  As a kid I remember seeing the Whittier Hills as I walked up Gunn Avenue towards East Whittier Junior High School and as I walked down Mills Avenue to California High School.  I also saw what was commonly referred to as “blue” sky.  As we began our descent down the grade at El Cajon I felt sick to my stomach.  I could see the layer of brown resting on top of the valley as the mountain peaks of the San Bernandino Mountains were only a little hazy, but visible.  As we began to drive onto the 15 Freeway in Glen Helen there was a fairly new housing development there.  The smog was so bad I could only see a portion of this development.  The further we drove into the Los Angeles basin the worse it got.  As we drove the freeways into Anaheim I thought our rig was rattle apart underneath us the roads were so bad.  Shops who do alignments must be making a fortune in Los Angeles.  I have never seen so many pot holes and uneven roads in my life.  We got to the Anaheim RV Park, set up our rig and went to dinner at the North Woods Inn with some long time friends.  We then spent the next 3 days going to Disneyland and California Adventure.  We had a great time on Thursday and Friday.  There was hardly anyone there and we practically walked onto each of the rides.  Saturday was the start of grad night.  We spent 4 hours at the parks doing some shopping and headed back to our rig.  The parks were packed and crazy. We left Anaheim the morning of Sunday, June 9th headed for home with an overnight stay at Boulder Creek RV Resort in Lone Pine, CA.


    The drive to Lone Pine was uneventful.  Because we were only staying the night we had very little to set up.  We didn’t remove our tow car.  We just got comfortable and had some dinner before getting a good night’s sleep for the drive home the next morning.

    We left Boulder Creek RV Resort around 9:00 a.m. and arrived at our home in Carson City, NV, at 2:30 p.m. after an uneventful drive.  We unloaded our rig by 5:00 p.m. and were looking forward to seeing our critters and relaxing in our bed at home.  We both slept well that night.


    Tuesday morning, we had an appointment with our mechanic to get the oil changed on our rig.  We were going to be heading out again for another 4 weeks on June 24th and wanted to make sure the rig was running right.  Our appointment was at 7:00 a.m.  At 6:45 a.m. I pulled the tow car out onto the street and waited for my husband to back our 33-foot Class A motorhome out of the drive way as we had both done before.  Well, it didn’t go as smoothly as it had before.  The sun was up in the east which meant the sun was facing the windshield of the rig.  My husband was trying to back the rig out and having some difficulty seeing with the sun in the mirrors and with the backup camera.  He says after the 2nd unsuccessful try to back the rig out he was going to come and get me, but he didn’t.  Unbeknownst to him, as I watched him on his second try I thought about going over to the rig and offering to back it out.  Well, neither one of us acted on our impulse and on his 4th try my husband cut the turn to close, drove up over our decorative rocks and boulders and carefully aligned one of the boulders just inside the right front tire and ripped the front fiberglass end off the frame of our rig as I watched in horror.  Now, the front end did not fall off, but I watched is go up and then down about 2-3 feet in the air as he completed the backing up.  The crowning moment of our trip plagued with different modes of adventure.  We had to duct tape the hood onto the rig and proceeded to check the undercarriage.  Fortunately, he missed everything structural or mechanical under the rig.  He only caught the fiberglass front end.  After the oil change I contacted our insurance to file the claim.  We then took the rig to Rupert’s Auto Body here in Carson City to wait for the repair estimate and approval to repair from the insurer.  We returned home to find the branch of the tree over the boulder hanging down lower than usual.  This is when we discovered he had also hit the tree on the way out.  Called Rupert’s and told them so they could check the rig for damage.  There were scratches.  It is now Tuesday, June 18th and we now know the damage is about $5900 and insurance has approved the repairs.  This is great news.  Unfortunately, it will take about a month for the repairs to be completed.  So, the month long trip we were supposed to begin on June 24th is going to have to wait.  It could be worse.  We are grateful no one was hurt and the damage is not more than we owe on our rig. 


    In looking at the bright side of things, by the time we are done fixing all the things that keep going wrong we will have a new rig.  If it weren’t for extended warranties, roadside assistance packages and good insurance we would be paying for a rig we could not use.  While we were upset and angry when things would go wrong on our trip, we always knew God was watching over us.  We also know he was trying to teach us something each time.  Maybe it was patience with each other and human kind.  Maybe it was to have empathy for others through realizing how blessed we truly are to be doing things some people can only dream about.  Whatever the reasons were for the things that were happening we knew we were going to be okay and would have future wonderful adventures.


    So, if you have read to this point I thank you for doing so.  Life is meant to be shared with others whether it be with your spouse, your children, in person in another city, RV park, amusement park, gas station, store or wherever it is meant to be shared and enjoyed.  God truly gave us many wonderful opportunities to share many things to include him on this trip.  Even though we fail at looking on the bright side of things when bad things are happening we try to look on the bright side after we have digested the bad.  We hope that by sharing our experiences this way with others that we may have given you a laugh, a remedy or just something to think about.  Once our rig is repaired we will be back out there on the road creating new adventures and meeting new people.  Hopefully one of you will be someone we meet along the way.


    Safe travels and blessings in whatever you do in life.