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Starting the Canyons Adventure

  • A few weeks ago we signed up for another Airstream Rally to be held at Lake Bastrop outside of Austin Texas.  Packing in and preparing for a weekend trip seemed wasteful so we decided to make a journey out of it.  Why not see the Grand Canyon while we’re out?  And there are those three Utah national parks we haven’t seen yet too.  Colorado is on the way back so the planning began and the adventure quickly expanded into a full month with a couple extra days added on for good measure. 

    The drive from Dallas to Austin / Bastrop is on interstate 35, a heavily traveled and often overly congested highway that has had construction for improvements in process since we first drove on it 30 years ago.  Often we will take Highway 281 which is west of I-35 to go to Austin.  This route goes through quaint little towns and eventually leads into the beginnings of The Hill Country for which the Austin area is famous.  With Lake Bastrop being East of Austin, we decided on a route east of I-35 through the piney woods of East Texas and stopping to visit some friends who live only two miles from Lake Bob Sandlin State Park.  As it would have it, one of our friend's sister and her husband were coming down from Tulsa in their 5th wheel to visit at the same time.  Our friend insisted we come a day early so we could meet theml and we changed our reservation.  

    We arrived early afternoon and stopped by our friend’s home   After we visited a few minutes we all four hopped in Chappy (our camper's name) and drove the final two miles to the state park where we met the Okies.  

    Our friend's sister and husband were as personable as our friend who we have known for over 25 years.  the husband  had just recently retired from his job as an anesthesiologist and they had been RVing a little longer than we have.  They had a very comfortable fifth wheel with slides complete with center island kitchen, two barcaloungers and a fireplace.  We spent the evening telling stories and camping tales.  Our friend and his sister came from a family with seven children so there were some interesting stories of how they grew up and lived in a home supporting 9 souls.  The sister and James and I were secretly tossing hints in the air  trying to convince our friends they needed to buy an RV and start taking on some adventures.  One of them was already convinced and ready to pull the trigger any time.  We have work to do with the other!