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Clay played only 50% of his strength in the finals

  • Warrior player Klay Thompson's father, Michael Thompson, attended the program today and on the program he disclosed his son's left ankle injury.

    Klay Thompson suffered a sprained left ankle in the finals of this year's G1 and was swollen.

    "He is almost only 50% of the time," said Thompson when he participated in the show. "He just played with enthusiasm and passion, because he knew this (Finals) means to himself, his team and fans. What, he wants to be one of  Buy NBA Live 19 Coins them."

    Old Thompson also talked about the renewal of Clay, he said he would not predict that the two sides will reach an agreement on renewal this summer.

    "The Warriors certainly need to continue the process of renewal, but I think Klein will consider everything." Old Thompson said.

    From a business point of view, if Klay Thompson waits until the summer of this summer after his four-year contract expires, he will receive greater profits.

    "I think he needs to wait another year," said old Thompson. "It shouldn't be too hasty and there's no reason to be too hasty. This team will still be united in the next five years, so there is nothing to worry about."