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Poem of the Week- Contentment

    The difference between happiness and contentment
    isn't ideological or theological. It may have nothing 
    to do with love, companionship, money, health, 
    lust, or longing, yet may have something to do 
    with each of these. 

    Some are truly content to be alone, 
    and others must have friends nearby always.
    Many dislike attending church functions,
    yet are content in their lives knowing that their souls 
    are nourished and prepared. 

    Happiness, like sadness, is by nature 
    a short-lived event. Contentment 
    is a long-lasting state of mind that is not 
    easily changed. If someone is uneasy in the limelight, 
    they may be happy though not content.

    Being content is an individual predilection 
    for one's lifestyle and state of being 
    and is separate from any single human event.
    Once this is understood, one can endeavor
    to make contentment their goal. 
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