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Park Review- Klamath River RV Park

    Resort Parks International (RPI)
    ​Address:  700 W. Klamath Beach Rd., Klamath, CA 95548
    Phone:   (707) 482-2091
    # of sites:  91 (plus tent-only sites)
    ​Full hookup price:  From $48/night 
    Open:  May through October
    Rating:   4 out of 5 stars
    ​Warnings:  Few amenities, stickers in grass

    Situated just a couple of miles up the Klamath River from the Pacific Ocean, the Klamath River RV Park is centrally located to maximize an abundance of outdoor activities and attractions, including the rugged Northern California coastline, Redwood National Park, and all the hiking you might want.  See my 360-degree video in the redwood forest.
    This park is just a short drive from much of the Redwood National Park, which includes several California State Parks, Fern Canyon and the Trees of Mystery.  The redwood forest is a must-see item on anyone's bucket list, and the iconic coastal scenery should not be missed.  From an overlook just two miles from the campground, we were 400 feet above the mouth of the Klamath River and were able to view dozens of sea lions on the river bank and and several whales waiting just outside the delta.

    The park itself is clean and comfortable with many spacious pull-through sites, and all sites are on grass.  They staggered RV's so that they occupied every other space, making the park very roomy.  There are fire rings at seating areas overlooking the river and some of the sites had their own.  

    The laundry room had five washers and four dryers and was open 24/7, so there was no problem getting laundry done.  It was a bit expensive, however, with two loads costing $10 for wash and dry.    The bathrooms and showers were always open and clean.

    Though open for only a few hours a day, there is a coffee shop/snack bar open on the premises.  


    Though its proximity to natural wonders and attractions is great, Klamath is a tiny, remote town and the closest grocery stores are 23 miles away in Crescent City.  Though a nice drive, it is somewhat inconvenient.

    The park itself has few amenities.  There is no clubhouse, no pool or spa, no pool tables or game room, no tourist activities, no boats or water activities and no market.  It is just your basic campground, and entertainment is clearly your own problem.  It would have been nice to have a dock to fish off of or a beach to enjoy, since the park is right on the river's bank, but it is one of the swiftest rivers I have ever camped near.  Perhaps any amenities including the fast water would have been too dangerous.

    Parking on the grass was somewhat nice, though I did have to use blocks to level up.  However, as the week went by, the tires no on blocks sank a bit, making us unlevel in the other direction.  I would recommend placing supports under all wheels while getting level.

    You would think a grassy resort would be dog friendly, but Klamath River isn't.  Many of the lushest areas had "No Pets" signs, there is no fenced dog run, and there many parts of the park that had thorns or stickers in the grass.  I basically had to walk Lucy while staying on the gravel road the whole week.

    The weather on the Northern California coast is cold, wet and dreary a great deal of the time.  If you are only in the area for a short time, it will be hit-or-miss for sunshine and sightseeing, though only rain and high winds should keep you from enjoying the various redwood forests nearby.  We decided not to visit the Trees of Mystery and its gondolas because of the fog -- often the marine layer simply doesn't burn off.  I was hoping to have photos with other than white or gray skies and had to bide my time to get them.

    The tourist attractions, as plentiful as they are, will be inundated by visitors starting around memorial Day and continuing through Labor Day.  We chose the first week in May to avoid the crowds, but even then you could see the coming torrent beginning.
    Even with the downsides and lack of amenities, I would highly recommend Klamath River RV Park for its proximity to some of the best sightseeing you can ever ask for.  Words alone are just not adequate to describe the giant redwoods, the tallest and oldest trees on the country and some as tall as 35-story buildings.  Come camp here and be prepared to be amazed all around you.