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Winnebago Wows

  • Winnegabo is a  name that is synomyous with RV camping.   Although the CEO of Winnebago, Michael Happe is optimitic about the companies future the companies stock price has declined during an unprecedented bull market, and growing interest in the RV experience.  Why then is Winnebago not florishing?  Perhaps the answer is in the cost and quality benefit associated with Winnebago RVs and motorhomes. Winnebago cost considerably more than other brands but uses the same components: Mercedes chasis, Ford Chasis, and Cummins generators to name a few.  At the same time Winnebago does not really stand by its product,  has no real customer service department, and is not consumer centric. 

    We learned this first hand when we purchased our first Winnebago 2019 motorhome on a Sprinter Chasis and equiped with a Cummins 3.2 diesel generator. We drove the motorhome from the dealer to our home: a total of 12 miles. Once parked in our driveway we learned that the generator was not working. 1 day later the dealer picked up the motorhome and drove it back to their workshop. They were not able to diagnosis the problem and so drove the motorhome to the authorized Cummins dealership. Once their, Cummins determined that the return fuel line from the generator was not installed according to manufacturer recommendations and refused to work on the unit. The motorhome was then sent back to the dealership.

    After 54 days of going back and forth between Cummins and Winnebago we are finally getting the motorhome back. In the end, Cummins agreed to replace a temperature sensor but would not take further responsbility because of the return fuel line issue. Winnebago on the other hand says it has been running generator return fuel lines through the main chassis return fuel line for years and sees no reason to change. There is the rub. Winnebago is unwilling to acknowledge that maybe they need to redesign the return fuel lines to accommodate the newer generation of diesel generators so that they won't prematurely wear out and fail. The issue is the back pressure from the return fuel line is too high for the generator and causes it to shut down. The pressure is too high because the generator return fuel line is T-connected to the diesel motor return fuel line rather than running independently back to the fuel tank.

    Throughout this ordeal Winnebago has not offered any compensation, or expressed any empathy towards this issue. We had to cancel our vacation because the motorhome was in the shop. We had to pay the insurancee and the bank even though we only had the motorhome in our possession for 12 miles.  Finally, the root cause of the problem has not been addressed because the generator return fuel line is still T-connected to the motor return fuel line.  We fully anticipate the generator will continue to fail.

    For those considering new motorhome purchases you should be very careful before buying a Winnebago product. In the end the additional premium for a Winnebago is not worth it,  especially because of their terrible customer relations and their clear distain for the consumner. Winnebago is fully aware that unlike the automobile industry lemon laws typically exclude motorhomes, and they are more than willing to take full advantage of that loophole.  Even though you migh pay 20% more for a Winnebago there are no added benefits such as improved reliability, access to customer service, or a network or authorized and trained Winnebago repair shops. Once you purchase a Winnebago you are on your own and the company will not stand by their products. Essentially, they have a one and done philosophy; meaning sell and be done with it.  

    Perhaps this explains Winnebago's lackluster stock performance. Today, the consumer is focused on cost and customer service. New RV purchasers need to educate themselves and understand that in the RV industry cost does not translate to quality. Avoid being a victim and find the best RV for the price and do not let dealerships tell you that the additional costs of a Winnebago are worth it. They aren't. Take the money you save and invest it elswehere: certainly not in Winnebago stock.