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First time RV'er stuck in mud...

  • Hi RVillage members,

    So we got our brand new travel trailer over the Thanksgiving break and had a great experience bringing it back to Austin Texas from the dealer up in Iowa. It's a nice little unit at 21ft and 3700 lbs. All was well with the drive but when I went to park it on our rural land I got all stuck in the mud. It was a horrible ending to a great 2,000 mile trip. Even with my 4x4 truck pulling I still got so stuck that i had to disconnect the travel trailer and jack it up and put boards under the wheels of the travel trailer. Then I got the truck unstuck with shovels and boards and slowly with boards pulled out of the mud. It was a long slow process that I never want to repeat. I wanted to ask the group if anyone has had stuck in mud experiences and knowledge gained that they would like to pass along?  It was fortunate that I was on my land where I had boards, shovels, jacks, etc or else I would have been screwed. I have since bought snow/mud chains for my truck but don't know if these would have helped me to avoid getting stuck. 

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Signed... RV Newb Ola in Austin