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New to RVing. Couple of questions

  • Hi all,

    Being we're new to RVing but only plan on driving it to upstate n.y. from Chesterfield, Va. to set up on a permanent site, we just have a couple of questions before we do the short journey sometime in April.


    Does AAA offer good roadside assistance for RVers?  I'm thinking like in terms of towing or flat tire repair.

    That brings on another question.  If a person had to take an RV somewhere to have a tire repaired, what type of garages do this type of big unit work?  Would it be a truck stop for example....or do you sometimes depend on regular car garages to be able to jack the unit up & remove tire in parking lot.

    We've got a lot to learn so every little thing is helpful.


    Arnie & Teresa