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Getting The RV Ready: The Inline Water Heater Part 1



    When we got our new RV we had an Inline water heater put in it so we would have all the hot water we wanted. To do this the dealer had to replace the compartment door with one for the model of water heater they were putting in. As you can see from the photos of the RV the current one is just a black door. The dealer has the original door to get a new one painted to match it and the RV. Then they're supposed to send it to me. When we got home Wednesday we found a new door had arrived. Unfortunately it wasn't painted and doesn't appear to be the right one anyway. Called the dealership and they asked for these photos acknowledging that their guy made a mistake sending it before it was painted but thankful that they they hadn't had the wrong door painted. After receiving these pictures they didn't understand either and asked to send the photos to the manufacturer so they can figure out how to get the right door, have it painted, and sent to me.


    Here's the Door that was sent


    And Here’s the box the door was sent in

    The model number matches what is on the inline water heater:
    Both say Model GSWH-2


    But here’s a picture of the existing door with the new door next to it.
    The existing door is a door on a panel while the new one is a single panel and the exhaust vent doesn’t line up.


    Lastly here’s a picture of the existing door on the RV



    06-22 Update

     I spoke with the dealership this week and was told that the correct door is now on order and they'll get it to the paint shop as soon as it arrives and that the paint shop they use promised to rush it for them.



    Continued with:  The Inline Water Heater - Part 2