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    A Chronicle of our post retirement RV travels and experiences 



    40+ years ago we were two young kids planning out how we wanted our lives to play out, too young according to most. Some of it worked out and some didn't but through it all we have leaned on each other and never given up despite the hardships and built an unusually close relationship even for those who are married. Now, we're starting a new chapter and about to embark on our lifetime ambition to get a camper and travel around seeing what there is to see. "Someday" has finally arrived!


    This blog is a record of our experiences; good and bad, beautiful or ugly, serious or silly, and occasionally some of our personal insights.  It's a place for for old friends and family to keep up with us and to connect with new friends so we can learn from each other and enjoy each other's unique perspective. You don't have to be a member of RVillage but I found it quite nice and free too so if you're interrested just go to the main page at for info or to sign up.


    In the mean time, take a look around on my blog. We're just getting started so check back often as we'll be adding things as often as we can. Hope you enjoy it !



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    2019 The Beginning


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