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Getting the RV Ready:The Inline Water Heater Part 2

  • The Inline Water Heater Part 1                         RNSH RV ADVENTURE


    The Inline Water Heater - Part 2



    Checked with the dealership late last week for the status of this and due to the July 4'th holiday had to wait until Monday for an answer. When they called back Monday they said they would need to realign the water heater inside the compartment for the exhaust vent to line up with the new door and offered to send their guy down to pick up the RV and take it there for the work then return it in a few days with a full tank of gas so we should have it back late in the week. Since it is a nearly 4 hr drive to the dealership we reluctantly said Ok while letting them know we had plans to leave in it late this week and would need it back quickly. We also had a small punch list for them to address while it was there. The refrigerator stopped switching to AC and is only running on LP, the latch needs aligning on the BR door, and one of the latches on an outside compartments needs rotated 90 deg. to match all the others on the coach.


    It was hard to watch it leave the driveway yesterday - Tuesday but hopefully it will only be a few days and we'll have it back by Friday. That is of course assuming the refrigerator is an easy fix and won't need extra time so now the waiting game resumes but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.


    To be continued......