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08/13 - 08/15 Fort Welikit Campground, Custer SD



    08/13 - 08/15  Fort Welikit, Custer SD

    Tuesday, 08/13/2019 - Sharon's Birthday

    Tuesday we spent  as our Travel Day to Custer SD. Our departure was easy since we had everything ready the night before including getting the car on the dolly and the drive went off without any issues either. Along the way we saw an almost unending string of nice views of wide open countryside.

    We even saw the Badlands from a distance and are looking forward to seeing it up close

    And then we stopped at Wall Drug Store in Wall SD that is advertised as the world's largest drug store. Yes, it's a tourist place but a good place to stop and stretch your legs when passing through. It is absolutely Huge! Over a long city block in length by a block an a half in depth filled with stores (departments) and campy exhibits.



    The last leg of our travel day took us through a portion of Custer State Park where we saw a Buffalo grazing on the side of the road (Sorry no picture this time) and several deer. Looking forward to exploring here too.....


    Wednesday & Thursday, 08/14/2019 - 08/15/2019

    We had a bit of a health concern that had us seeing a doctor Wednesday who then wanted to run some tests the following day so on Thursday we had to be at Rapid City Regional Hospital by 6:30am for the tests. The test results were a big relief as they showed nothing major to be concerned about and nearly ruled out the more serious possibilities that had us concerned. God was still watching out for us and eased our mind a lot by putting us with a highly competent doctor who is also a follower of Christ.

    For those of you who are up for an adventure -- Try getting up at 4 am as the heavy thunderstorms are finally trailing off and driving through the mountains on unfamiliar roads that are essentially just a series of steep hills, mountains really, and sharp curves that sneak up on you in the pitch black of a cloudy night. To make it still more interesting try adding in an intermittent light rain, occasional patches of dense fog hiding in the most unexpected places, and plenty of deer and other assorted wildlife crossing your path. I think it would be a fun video game but, in real life -- Not so much.

    At least it kept my mind occupied during the drive because to be honest I was worried quite a bit about what the tests would show until just before they started the tests and I had a good talk with God while Sharon dozed briefly in the waiting room. I guess you could say I called in the big guns for reinforcement by taking my concern and pleading my case directly to the one who has control over the outcome. I took some things out to the car when they took Sharon in for the tests and we talked some more. By the time I got back to the waiting room I knew all would be OK just not how.   God clearly knows how much I love & need Sharon and it's comforting to know first hand that He is looking out for her. I'm grateful that this was one of the times when he reassured me personally even if he did need to remind me that as much as I love her He loved her first and more fully than I ever could. With Him looking out for her I know she is in good hands. I can't protect her from everything -- but He Can!  And for that I am truly gratful.


    Until Next Time, God Bless....  Ron H.