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Life's Changes

  • Just when you think you have everything planned... everything changes!

    I had this wonderful idea that I would get a new RV and head south to my sons to see my grandkids in TN... after all, I have had this generator for almost a year and a half and Wes needed it...  And after all, I had not seen Him or my grandkids in 3 1/2 years...  Faith 18 had moved out to NH to my son Michaels and Hope 17  had moved to my daughter Brittany's, leaving Daniel and I "Home Alone"...  Peace and quiet at last... no hormonal sibling rivalry to deal with, well it was nice while it lasted lol  

    I found out Hope was being neglected and suffering abuse and so I made this trip to NH on my rescue mission and brought her home on March 6th... It was still quiet here while she readjusted and settled into the Apt...  I am not even sure I am settled in here after a year and a half! lol In town, apartment living isn't me... it is totally out of my comfort zone!  I will admit I have had peace the whole time knowing that God's timing is perfect and whatever bad came my way, well this too would pass and life would go on right?  And it did and has... 

    Three weeks later my granddaughter Becca showed up asking if she could move in and well Hope was all for that, till history repeats itself and hormonal hell breaks loose, they are 3 weeks apart and they can be as close as sisters ( knowing my girls that isn't saying much ) or they can be silent and deadly arch enemies and you wouldn't know it till Hope is stressed to the max or Becca leaves for her friends for the weekends!  She too was suffering abuse thanks to my oldest and I can't tell you what on earth is wrong with my girls but sons are much easier and I will hold to that fact till some miracle happens.  I told Becca she could live here and I filed for custody and have temporary custody and it looks like I will win that, but then my granddaughter Madison 16 tells me that she wants to come to live with me and she wants me to fight for her custody...   In February, it was me and Dan and the open roads I thought! I wanted a class B or C... now I am definitely needing a class C with bunks and my budget got added to...  I need to wait to travel till court hearings are over with and that puts me to the end of summer or later it is looking like...  

    One day I am empty nesting, the next I am parenting! lol, Life Is never boring... I love my kids all 7 and 11 grands too... Some days are quiet and some are silent but deadly, there is an undercurrent of discord between the girls... it will get more interesting when I add Madison to the mix...

    I've been separated for 3 years, got the final divorce papers finally 3 days ago. Signed them, and sent them back to the lawyer the same day.  Thought I would be sad, but I only felt relief, that finally this nightmare would be over... 20 years gone but not forgotten, I have my kids and my life and that is what matters most, next to my faith and my sanity!  Truly all I know is that God has a plan and I just have to trust Him with my life and as the girls grow up and move out (soon) It will again be Daniel and me.  But as we are riding alone in the van to my moms he says mom, let's not look for a farm till the girls move out, then don't get too big a house ok... that way when I move out, you won't have to clean a huge house... heart sank a bit and I said " What? You are going to move out and leave me? " to which he said with a smile " not right away, but if you want someone around for the rest of your life in your house, you better find you a man!" 

    Oooof, here is my 13-year-old son, telling me to find a man...  He won't be leaving home for another  5 or so years...  I guess he knows that I need a best friend, even if I tell him that God is my best friend and the best husband a girl could ever have...  God is faithful...  Friendship, Trust, Loyalty, Faithfulness, and Love rank at the top of my list and so far only the Lord is all that to me right now.

    My baby boy is wise beyond his years and ever as wise as his two older brothers... They all 3 know my heart! 

    I am and always will be 

    God's Girl first and foremost, because he has brought me so far in this life and never left my side...

    Thank You, Lord...

    Linda Marie