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The Essentially Green Traveler

  • I have been anticipatingn the beginning of out motor home adventure, which was originally supposed to begin this past April, then it was June then it was August and now we are at the end of August for estimated take off! Life happens, things change and I am aware enough to know that I am where I need to be right at this very moment! With all that being said.....

    I have been keeping very busy navigating our way up to Michigan, through GA, Tenn (a quick 2 night stay at a Thousand Trails freebie park), Kentucky (2 noight stay with some friends) and then up to Michigan for about 2 wks! So far so good! I have then navigated us out west to Truckee CA for a long wknd wedding (this seems to be the thing now a days when people get married, almost like those gender reveals too lol) and have posted a cry for help in finding a nice place to stop in Cheyenne WY and in Salt Lake befoire arriving at our RV park in Truckee. From Truckee we will spend some time in Reno, then shoot down to Vegas, then to Southern CA (family visits) before making our way back East to Florida before it gets super cold everywhere else! 

    So besids this navigation and finding parks to stay at and figuring out how long it will take to get from point A to point B, another thing that I have become a little obsessed with is the "stuff" I still need to get for this adventure. Every time I turn around I am reading about something else I must need, wherther it's a grill, an outdoor rug to set out when we set up, more blankets, a folding table, tablecloth, and even the slightest thing such as a spaghetti stirer has me overthinking! What more do I need? This is besides what I physically need to check out, such as the wifi and mail situation! Does this get easier foiks? I know we will need to learn through experience and that is one of the beautiful things about this lifestyle! i have faith that we will be where we need to be and with what we have when it is time to leave Southwest Florida. Any advice is appreciated, tips, shares or just a friendly acknowledgenent that I am not alone in my head!  What else do we need and does it ever end????

    I am so looking forward to getting on the road and this time with delays and distractions left in the dust!  


    Thanks for letting me share!


    The Essentially Green Traveler