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Ending Phase 2 Living life

  • Wow! Another month is on the books. Small life living

    I must say, I am enjoying simple life.  I cannot say I have completed phase two until the doublewide is sold.  However, I have officially downsized. I am living in my "tiny home". AND LESS is best!!

    My friends say my trailer is not that small. For me, downsizing from 1500 square feet to 380 - maybe, I am enjoying less cleaning. I wake up in the morning feeling I have choices and not needing to clean! I get my coffee, and relax. YES, relax.

    While I will not hit the road for a long time, I am learning about the black tank, stove, oven, and refrigerator. The one thing I am debating is obtaining blackout curtains. Living in Arizona the shades are not keeping the heat out. I like being able to sit and look out but there is heat that floats in. Going to investigate and add some black out curtains over the shades.  I may just have to get the sewing machine out! One RVer told me I need to get the silver covers for the windows, but I am not one to have that shiny stuff on my windows. Putting in my car is one thing but on my home? I am not one to hide from the heat and I enjoy looking out too much!

    For the last month I have been washing my clothing by hand, today, this weekend I will venture to the laundry and spend the money for the washers. A time to possibly meet new friends.

    Time to take on a weekend! Enjoy the time! Plot and Plan what works for you!