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Visit to Casita in Rice Texas

  • Yes, I am a newbie.  To this site and RVing.  I am so new to RVing that I don't have a rig yet.  However, I know what I want, and I want a Casita fiberglass trailer.  I am single, so I don't need anything big, and there will be enough room if some of my grandkids come out to camp with me.


    A friend of mine bought a 17' Casita Spirit Deluxe a year ago.  He already had a 13' Scamp.  He first showed me his Scamp which was definitely cramped.  It had the bunk beds in the front instead of a bathroom.  Then he showed me his brand new Casita.  That extra 4 feet made all the difference.  So I knew what I wanted, and on my way home to Kansas City from Atlanta, I drove to Rice Texas to see the trailers up close, get a price update, and select options I wanted to customize the rig to be what I wanted.  Carla Poarch was very helpful and I recommend working with her when you visit.


    The base price of the trailers had gone up some, but there is currently a $4,700 discount on all 17' models.  While my friend had to wait 6 months to have his trailer built, Carla said if I ordered soon, it should only take 2 months to build.

    I am still deciding which options I want and don't want so I can get the final price.


    I guess I am about ready to take the RVing plunge.  I mostly plan to boondock in the south western U.S.