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Submariner's RV Life

  • Haze Grey in Texas

    By Chief Alvarez, Submariner’s RV Life,03/20/20


    The skies of south Texas today are quite gloomy,

    Full of dark clouds, with wind and  rain.

    My bride and I sit in our ship not so roomy,

    Discussing future stops and the pandemic with fury and disdain.


    This world has gone crazy, people have lost their minds,

    Their fears have intensified, city closures have begun.

    Fighting over toilet paper, and the quarantine of mankind,

    Full-Time RVers need this chaos undone.


    The USS Neversail is our 29-foot rolling home,

    Our wandering castle, our submarine on land.

    The roads are our oceans, where our submarine roams,

    The cities and RV parks our ports where liberty is planned.


    GPS serves as nautical charts to get us around,

    The RVillage groups, our intel of sights yet unseen.

    Like the oceans I’ve traveled, on each road mysteries abound,

    New people, new places well worthy of a paean.


    So, while the USS Neversail in Texas is moored and in blear,

    We wait for favorable weather, Fair Winds and Followings Seas.

    Until then, we wish our fellow Rvers more faith rather than fear,

    All things will return to normal, so don’t choose panic over peace