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Our rig "Tranquility" Close-up and personal.

  • I'm a 1973, 31 foot Airstream Remodel Inspired by the International Space Station (ISS)—a mind chid Created by Mihály.

    My name is Tranquility - Habitation Expedition Module (THEM) for Extreme Climates. Mihály’s way to celebrate last summer’s 50th anniversary of humanity’s first footsteps on the moon — July 20, 1969 by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

    Created to be the life support system for Mihály and Fátima; a couple of hippies on wheels. I was rebuilt using a 1973 Airstream Sovereign RV trailer to be Mihály and Fátima's secondary living quarters with galley, sleep stations, soft stowage system, wardroom area and medical facilities while they live their lives on the road; and beyond.

    But I'm more than that. I'm an ongoing experiment in the design, development, and assembly of a Habitation Expedition Module (HEM) primarily used for ground-based Life Support Research and Development (LSR&D) to fulfill Mihály's mission and vision to live self reliant. My life support system recycles waste (grey) water for reuse if needed (desert visits), contain cabin temperatures and generate electricity for all the equipment on-board.

    I also contain a Waste and Hygiene Compartment (composting toilet and fresh water shower) for that added comfort.

     "Hope to see you some day" — Tranquility (it's THEM).

    Tranquility: connecting inspiring modern design-build practices with an incubator of brilliant ideas—a laboratory of newtechnologies, and inspiration—into Tranquility's design development.


    The idea to make Tranquility is rooted in the appeal of NASA's tradition to use a refitted Airstream, called "Astrovan" that shuttle astronauts to and from the launch pad at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and to make Tranquility's build net-zero, light weight, and reliable for exploration.

    12 years ago we took apart (gutted) Tranquility a vintage Airstream Land Yacht that we had bought from a truck driver near Cornwall. Our family life commitments prevented us from working on Tranquility. On July the 4th, 2016 after we sold our house in Toronto, we began work on Tranquility–living in her while we did the remodelling on my friend's backyard.  The chassis, all steel had no rust. The aluminum body had a few dents and some wear. Tranquility had the perfect backbone to work with.

    We reduce Tranquility's original weight from 9,000 pounds to 4,000 pounds—she's a lot lighter! beefed up her steel metal chassis, engineered in our 7 layer thermal blanket for the walls and floors; the highest insulation R-Rating—ever produced on a domestic RV. We completely sealed everything, making Tranquility a truly airtight module.

    After spending days waterproofing all the rivets, windows and aluminum seams from the inside. It was time to add the second layer of Tranquility‘s thermal blanket concept. This insulation is based on our successful test results of building Studio 2, a modern style mini dwelling that was used for artistic activities. At -32ºC, the small work space kept me warm with just one electric oil heater set at 800 watts (medium).

    Tranquility has enough room to comfortably sleep 3 people—more if needed in the ward area. Tranquility is designed to generate her own electricity, able to power all 12 volt, 120 volt and 240 volt equipment. Rejuvenate lake and river water into fresh drinking water. Tranquility can shelter us from Canada's harshest winters, United States deserts, travel indefinitely without hooking up to shore-power. Tranquility Habitation Expedition Module (THEM) is our home away from our Earthbase near Huntsville Ontario.

    Between expeditions, Tranquility supplies Earthbase (our loft in the woods) with 1.400 watts of electricity from her Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, or 6,000 watts from the lithium batteries at night, and doubles as a luxury bunkie for visiting guests.

     Please visit http://roadtrip.love to see how I was designed and built.

    Unlike any travel trailer you see on the road, Tranquility is in a completely different League and Class of her own.

    Share your thoughts, share your feelings…we’d love to hear from you.