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Adventures of a KBD Mom

  • Post 1:  New puppy mom


    This is my first blog post, so bear with me.  I have so much to share and hope others find it fun to check-in with me

    I am a fairly new puppy momma.  I am the proud momma of a Karelian Bear Dog (KBD) that is currently 5 months old.  

    She is my first puppy and so my inexperience, and thinking that choosing her to be my first, maybe why I find the challenges I am facing.  However, I am not that kind of owner.  I am a parent, and as such, I do not give up on my child.

    So, my first post, related to RVing is, what do you do the first time you are looking to RV with a puppy.  She is a full-time outdoor dog, and being in Alaska, her breed has a triple-thick coat.  She needs to stay outside to keep her from overheating. 

    Asking to kennel her may be our only option, but I would love to hear feedback from other medium to large dog owners about how you manage pets while RVing.

    Also, since we will be renting a pop-up (likely) and not a full-size vehicle, what tips and tricks do you recommend to help you? 

    Happy RVing!

    AimeeMarie...KBD momma