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What is a Park Page?

  • Today a friend asked on a comment “what is a Park Page?”

    I guess I got a bit carried away but here is my answer:

    There are over 32,000 Park Pages here on RVillage, one for every RV Park. Open the map on the Home page, click the blue Park button below the map, and thousands of blue icons will appear.

    Each one, if clicked, will first tell you the name of the Park - if clicked again it will open the Park Page. 

    Another way - use the Search Site, type in a town or Park name and change the drop-down arrow to RV Park. All kinds of parks that match will show up as blue names of the parks - each one is a link to the actual Park Page. 

    Also - if you update your location to the Park you are in - there is a button on the Home page that reads “My Park Feed” - click that and the Park Page you are in will open. 

    Additionally, the words “My current location” at the top of most pages also has a blue link which is the name of the Park you are in. Click that and your Park Page will open. 

    Scroll down on any Park Page and you’ll see buttons - one says Park Feed (that’s where you type comments and info and photos). Another button says“Amenities” it lists the RV amenities the Park has. Another one reads “Park Info” - that’s where the park address and phone number is along with other information about the park. 

    RVillage has lots of different “pages” - one for the Home Page - one for each of the over 3,000 Groups, one for every one of the over 32,000 RV Parks, one for your own Profile. 

    The more you explore RVillage and all the tools here the more you will benefit from using it. It is extremely capable of doing things many folks just don’t realize. 

    For instance - every one of the interests you put on your own profile is a link to every one else in RVillage that shares that same interest. If you click on one of them, you’ll get a list of all the other members, 
    and you can change that list to a map view. Then you can see who around you also likes to fish, or dance, or play cards, or whatever. That’s one great way to make new friends. 

    Sorry this is so long but I’m sad when folks are missing all the fun of really using RVillage to it’s full capabilities. OK, I’ll shut up now. ~Donna