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Full Time RV Life coming soon

  • Exploring this beautiful country of ours is a hands-on experience.  While it's fun to view the world through the eyes and camera lenses of others, the only way to truly enjoy the world is through the smells, and breezes, and feelings of joy in the moment, while you are in nature.

    At my age I still feel like I'm in my 20's.  Exploring, adventuring, and looking for the next amazing site to see.  I'm not much for the beaten path, and like to explore off that path to find what others have never felt or seen or heard.  Climbing boulders, hiking my own trails, exploring with my dog at my side.  These are lifes experiences that I savor.

    I bought my first camper in May 2019.  My first camping trip in an actual camper, and not a tent, was eye opening.  My heart was filled with that first-love feeling.  Sitting outside in the morning, coffee in hand, gentle breeze blowing sweet scents, views of the sunrise over the granite dells in my favorite RV park in Prescott AZ, and my furry friend Mako sitting beside me keeping me company.  Could it get any better?

    Well...let's not forget the ocean!  Not just laying on the beach, which I do like as well, but only after donning a snorkel and fins, seeing what amazing creatures are beneath the surface.  Or sinking down 100' with SCUBA gear on and eyes wide open, seeing some of the world's most beautiful hidden treasures.

    You only live ONCE!  This is the "big show" and not a dress rehearsal.  You could pass at any moment.  How will you feel if you opted out of fun?  Get up, get out, and explore!

    Enjoy life, and remember - thoughts become things.  So make them good thoughts...

    - Steve the "RV Pirate"