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Why we like small, uncommercialized campgrounds

  • We see a ton of posts and reviews of campgrounds. As fulltimers we are constantly searching for places to go and see. So we read a lot of them. 

    Some comments that kind of threw us off were, There are a lot of permanent campers, or the park seems ran down, and many campers with stuff outside.

    We really didn't know what people were saying but the comments seemed to be in a negative tone.

    Since we hail from West Virginia most of the parks and campgrounds that we have stayed in and were accustomed too would likely fall into those categories also. We fell in love with RVing camping in those places. 

    Sites with dirt, sand, and gravel sites are are more common than not in WV. There are few of the, what I call subdivision campgrounds there. By that I mean essentially a parking lot with hookups.

    Those are sure not what we like or even consider to be a positive camping experience. The rustic sites with a minimal impact on nature with plenty of trees between sites are what we look for. You just don't find those in the destination touristy areas these days.

    We often have to scratch our heads after reading reviews and wonder why they describe a perfect location but only give 2 or 3 stars? 

    Ignoring those type of reviews have both rewarded use and cuased us sleepless nights.

    First the rewards. 

    In places where there are long term or permanent campers we have found those  to have a wealth of knowledge about the local area. You have heard of the saying, when on vacation, find out where the locals eat because that is where the best food is? This applies and not only for food but for hidden places like beaches that aren't over crowded, parks, and other local attractions that are off the beaten path. 

    Then there are long term campers such as people working and are staying in an RV instead of a hotel. People wonder how to find work while RVng. Well folks this is a good way. In one park alone we stayed in, I had 3 job offers that would allow me to travel and work. Good paying jobs. 

    In smaller parks you will find cheaper rates and they will be likely to allow you to work on or wash your RV. Even if they have rules against it. If you ask, more often than not they will allow it. I have personally replaced a steering stabilizer, worked on my antenna, re-caulked, added drain spouts, and installed a front sway bar on my rig. All in parks that did not allow it in the rules. Because I asked permission. 

    In corporate parks they tend to stick to the letter of the law, or rules. That is why I call them Subdivisions. 

    Now for the seedy underbelly of small parks that allow long term and permanent campers. Please keep in mind this is rare.

    The smaller one's sometimes tend to favor the long permanent one's. Bending rules or completely ignoring those permanent camper that violate them. Unfortunately we are in one of those right now.

    It is a small county park and while most of the permanent one's are good people down on their luck or in a bad situation, there are a few bad one's. And as luck would have it, we have been parked by both of them.

    I won't go into detail (and there are a lot of details) but we were even surprised a county owned park would allow permanent campers.

    Some of the people are living tents and cars. Those haven't been the problem campers. It's a couple of them in RVs. 

    One for sure is a drug thing. A guy moved in 2 other guys and a girl. It's been non stop arguing late at night and early mornings. Yelling about meth and cocaine. 

    Mostly it's the girl creating the issues. 

    I know, I know. Many are reading this and concocting a " if it was me" plan. I totally agree, except there is more in play here.

    If we create problems for these people, we will likely create problems for the good one's. Possibly for ourselves. The camp hosts have to hear this but one of them disappears into their camper when it starts. Plausible deniability I suppose.

    As I said, many more details than I will share in this post.

    UPDATE::: The problem neighbors were handled. As it turned out, the camphosts did not in fact hear or see. They were shocked when they found out. They immediately addressed the issue and made them leave.

    Guess I assumed. We all know where that gets us. ::::::

    Yes! We still prefer small mom n pop campgrounds. The benefit for us has far outweighed the negatives. Plus the number of negative experiences vs positive is way down there.

    We are just getting started with blogs and vlogs etc. You can find us on YouTube by the same name also. 

    W3 consists of me Bob, Lori, and Nya our grand fur baby we have while our son is in school. We reside in a Class C named her LassC. 

    Thanks for reading my late nite ramblings and we'll see you down the road.