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RV detailing

  • The ole RV looking a little ran down? Fiberglass looking hazy, or chalky? Mine too. Or I should say mine was. 
    Not really knowing how to polish my RV(Fiberglass)  it was a learning experience. I saw all these ads for products that made it look so easy.

    Then I began checking YouTube. After a bit I came across a product called Rejex. It had high reviews and raving comments across the board. RVer's and Auto detailers alike. I ordered a bottle and it was not cheap. 

    After getting it I tried some test areas. While it was shiney, it was also blotchy. Looking at an angle it just did not look good. So I applied more with no better results. 

    I then found a product called Glidecoat. It was called RV shine. Again the reviews were good etc. I tried it along side of Rejex to compare. It was a fail and didn't shine as well. 

    I then contacted Rejex to explain and hoping to get some direction. I did, they explained that what I was seeing was oxidization that was blending with the product creating the blotchy look.

    I needed to remove the oxidization or chalkyness, then apply it.

    I was back to square one. I didn't know how to remove it. Could I wash it off? Sand or scub it off?

    YouTube strikes again. After finding some professional detailers channels, I contacted a company that supplies product and equipment to professional detailers.

    The complete process was explaned to me and it was suggested I leave it to a professionals. I was told it was labor intensive and likely result in needing to invest several hundred in equipment and supplies. If I called a Pro I was probably going to spend between $1,000 to $2000 to have done. 

    I sure wasn't about to spend all of that. After the much informative advice I recieved I decided to give it a go myself. 

    I won't bore you with the details but if you want to know exactly the process, ask and I'll post it for you.

    After spending many hours (he was right about that) I finally got it compounded and polished. It looked great.

    Now what was I going to do to protect it for as long as I could? 

    Both Rejex and Glidecoat claims to protect from UV which is what causes the chalking.

    Both claimed that dirt doesn't stick and is easier to wash.

    So I used both... Rejex on one side and Glidecoat on the other. I needed to compare. I thought that was fair. 

    I like to find a product that works and stick with it. 

    After 2 1/2 months, 1000 miles of travel, and multiple rains (if it's raining, you  can be sure that I'm driving or washing something) I needed to get some dirt off LassC. 

    I expected to use a wet rag and wipe her down to bring the shine back.

    I was half right... See what I did there? 

    Drum roll please...

    The side with Rejex was difficult to remove the road dirt and (Black)streaking. I was not expecting that.

    While the side with Glidecoat wasn't nearly as dirty and very easy to remove the dirt. Just as it had claimed.

    Pretty shocking to me. Glidecoat was less expensive also.

    I can't say how the UV protection will hold up yet. Rejex claimes 6 Months and Glidecoat claims 8 months. 

    However, based on each product living up to stated claims, so far, Glidecoat takes the medal.

    P.S. Both sides still shine great once I got them clean.