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Winter RVing

  • I started FT Rving May 2015 having sold my home in Minnesota.  I knew I couldn't FT RV in MN and relocated to Washington, to an area that boasts 300 days of sunshine, average winter temp of 45', and only a few snow events per winter.  I have a 35' Class A RV and have been looking at ways to minimize heat loss and rodent issues during the winter, before the cold hits.  I had one mouse during my travels and learned a lot about how to prevent their entry.  I'm hoping the steps I've taken helps.  Here are some of the steps I've taken so far:

    • Patched any holes I could find inside and out with expandable foam, steel wool or duct tape depending on where they are located.  For example I didn't use steel wool around any electrical wirings for the potential of fires, I would then use duct tape and expandable foam.  I know duct tape won't prevent mice, but it will be easy to see if they are getting in a particular spot.  
    • I've eliminated any ways for mice to climb up the RV from the outside as much as possible.  For example I don't store items leaning against the RV, any plants or bird feeders are away from the RV.  I've patched or added rubber rings around water, sewer and electral hose entry points.  
    • I have wrapped heat tape and pipe insulation around my water hose to prevent it from freezing.
    • I have added additional thermal curtain liners to my front window curtains.  I've seen people use a silver insulated pad, I like the sun and window view so not sure if I would want to eliminate the sun.
    • I have added a thermal lined curtain to my door, again to help keep out some of the cold.
    • I've added more insulation into places I could access.
    • I've added grates behind all vents so that mice cannot get into the RV from any vent.
    • I diffuse Peppermint and Balsam FIr essential oil, both good for mouse deterent and they help keep you alert and smell great.
    • I have used Cab Fresh in a few areas that the previous mouse had frequented after patching up all entry points.  I plan to place a few of these under the hood of my RV with a post it note on my steering wheel to remind me to remove them before starting the engine. 
    • I plan to add more thermal drapes to all my windows.
    • I've added vent cushions to my overhead syklights.
    • I found a spray that is comprised of primarily peppermint oil you can spray on the underside of your RV to help deter mice.
    • I've seen there is heavier duty awnings that can be purchased for areas that have snow or high winds, a bit too pricey option for me right now but maybe in the future.  

    As I have a dog, everything I use for mice needs to be non poisonous.  I'm hoping these steps will help but I'm looking for what others have done.  

    1. How about under the dash?  There are a lot of wires and openings that I"m assuming lead to the engine.  Is there a way oof covering this area up?  I was thinking of some kind of screeen to block off the area.  Wish they made a molded inseert you could cover the area when stationary.  
    2. My site has metered electrical and my propane tank only holds 30 pounds, are there other heat sources people use to keep the place warmer?  I know I will be dressing in layers, love my cuddle duds, and will be finding a good pair of slippers as I don't wear my shoes in the RV.  Are there other heating units that use less electricity or an alternative form that is safe to use inside?
    3. Other ideas on preventing mice?  
    4. Other insulating ideas?

    I don't have the option of moving to a warmer area, I'm full time RVing but also full time working.  Haven't found that perfect job I can do from my RV and travel.  Ideas on all areas would be helpful.  "The Joy of the Journey is in the RIDE!"  Love my RIDE!!  Dina