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First Night

  • I bought a rig about two weeks ago. A nice little Class C. Until today, it had been sitting in the back of my apartment's parking lot... my warm, posh, overpriced, full amenitied apartment. But it waited for me. My experience of owning or even driving an RV at this point has been zero. For the past couple of days I began the transition. I began moving things out of my apartment, either into the RV, into storage, donation centers, or- unceremoniously- the trash. I was preparing to dive right into living in my rig full-time. I report to an out of state job first thing in the morning. And that leads me here: I'm currently in the parking lot of a grocery store in North Carolina, boondocking. Instead of running the generator and being anymore noticeable than I already am (I'm shy like that), I'm using a battery pack to watch TV. I find comfort in Futurama. I never outgrew cartoons, I guess. Tonight will be the first time I've spent the night in this machine. I've traveled for work for five years now. A lot can happen in five years. And frankly, if I can spend the night in a Nissan Juke because the Townplace Suites in New Jersey dropped the ball, I can spend the night in an RV. Bit chilly though. Ugh. On top of this entirely new experience, I'm currently trying to get over a recent breakup with a very long-term, long-distance relationship. Do. Not. Text. Her. Anyway, this is my rambly first post. I'm gonna call it here. I'm hungry. Maybe there is something nice in the fridge. Brandon "Blue Nose" Scott