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Brennan Beach Campground

  • We are staying at Brennan Beach for two weeks at the end of May 2021 through Memorial Day weekend. This is the largest campground BY FAR that we have been too. We are in the front section at site #1725 - it is close the front gate and close to the center area with the pool, stage, laundry and camp store. The sites are flat, all have picnic tables and a small fire pit (no grill so bring your own grate if you are cooking). The white section in front and the lower yellow sections S-Z are the only sites that are NOT ANNUALS. They are wide and easy to park large rigs, most are pull throughs and have a shade tree.



    It has 'no-pet' sections, but everyone was very dog-friendly and it didn't seem to be enforced as we saw dogs in those areas at the annual sites anyways. Our 10-year-old pitbull was warmly greeted by everyone. Everyone had their dogs tied up out front when they were also outside - the little dogs barked, the big dogs just look around. Dogs rode around in the golf carts too. There are geese in the grass areas so goose poop everywhere - beware if your dog likes that too much! The north 'Dog Walk' on the map is overgrown and doesn't appear to be used. It is a long walk (for our old dog) from our site to through all the annual sites to get to it anyway. We used the large grassy area by the Rec Hall/Storage which has doggie bags and trash cans. The local State Parks and beaches were mostly dog friendly except for portions of the beach. 


    There is NO ACCESS TO THE BEACH. It has a small, crowded area with permant annual sites that have access to the beach, but there are only 4-5 parking places for cars so that you can get to the beach. From where we are its about a 2 mile walk - too far for it to be pleasurable or carry anything with you. It might be great if you have a golf cart or bicycles. The beach is very small so you feel like you are in the front yards of the annual sites along the water - it feels awkward. 

    The paid WIFI IS TERRIBLE and unreliable. It is Spectrum, and they have already had a couple outages since we are here. It is in and out, and it is terribly slow - you can't stream without annoying buffering every few minutes. It is OK for email and general social media, but again NOT reliable. Our Skyroam has had a hard time connecting and constantly drops out too. Our AT&T phones haven't had more than 1 bar the whold time. It has made it nearly impossible to have a smooth remote-work-from-home day. 

    It is really crowded on the weekends, lots of vehicles packed in tight in the annual areas. 

    There isn't a Wal-mart for 50 miles. Just a simple Tops Market for basic groceries and a messy Ace with no RV things. 

    The campstore has a *tiny* supply of RV Toilet Paper so STOCK UP before you come here. 


    Everyone is super friendly. Everyone we have talked to is from the area and regulars for years at this campground. We feel like the anomaly! 

    Lots of people and dog watching, so that is fun. They don't have many rules here, it is amusing to walk around and see the serious structures people have built on thier annual sites.

    The nearby State Park beaches are wonderful! They are in both directions and only a 15 minute drive. We go to the parks to watch the sunset and walk on the beach. 

    Each temp site like ours was nice and wide, your rig will have a full concrete patio area outside and you still have room to park your truck next to your patio!

    It is quiet on the weekdays, which we like. Busy on the weekends, which amuses us too! They have LIVE MUSIC on Fridays in the summer. The bands are classic rock - The Eagles, Journey, Styx, etc - they were really good from what we saw. 

    They have FULL RECYCLING which is a huge plus to us! That is very rare at campgrounds.

    The cable tv is pretty good - lots of basic cable channels, no HBO or any premiums.

    Syracuse is an easy 45-minute interstate drive which is a nice city to walk around and has good resturants. Looks like it had lots of college-type dive bars pre-covid. I highly recommend Pastabilities in Armory Park area - it was so good and they allowed our dog to dine with us on the patio. 

    That is what we have experienced thus far. I'll update this if anything exciting happens over Memorial Day or before we leave! Our next stop is the Finger Lakes area at Sampson State Park.

    Drop a comment if you have been here or have any tips or recommendations for the area! 

    Thanks for reading!