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Virginia KOA's

  • Living in Virginia, well we camp mostly in Virginia. And most campgrounds are KOA's, especially first in spring and last in fall. Our beef with one of the KOA Virginia rules is no outside firewood, must burn theirs. Problem! Yes, their wood is so green you're lucky to get it lit. So green that if you get it lit you watch the water run to the end and smoke. So green that you better have a propane torch and bellows handy to keep it going. 

    I have watched over the year’s newbies go for hours with no success, then leave and go inside, we usually welcome them to join our fire, or try and help with theirs.

    I've gone through out the year to several KOA's, most are always green. We do accommodate their wishes for no outside wood to be brought in, but it does make it difficult to want to comply. Like one grandfather said as we tried to get his fire lit, he would not return to the KOA again, he has other campgrounds he can go to that he doesn't have this issue.

    I know KOA gets a hefty profit from their wood; you should expect it to be seasoned for the campers they hold hostage. I use cheap charcoal lots of paper products, cardboard to start a base, then hit it with a propane torch, for a long time. Fire starters aren’t enough to light it up.

    I'm a long time KOA'er almost 30 years, this is my pet peeve with them.