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Goliad State Park & Historic Site - Texas Parks And Wildlif

  • In early September 2020 we traveled south to visit Goliad State Park & Historic Site in Goliad Texas.

    If you are new to the Texas scene then you probably do not know the significance of Goliad State Park & Historic Site.

    Goliad was where the first shot was fired in the war for Texas independence. Goliad is also where Col Fannin and his 700 troops were massacred by Santa Anna's Mexican Troops after honorably surrendering at the battle of Coleto Creek.

    Goliad State Park & Historic Site highlights these historical events and opens a window into the past for all Texians to reflect on the sacrifices that have been made by our ancestors to bring us to this great state that we have today.

    Located on the banks of the San Antonio river Goliad State Park & Historic Site provides access to the river for fishing and kayaking. Downtown Goliad is within walking distance thanks to The Angel Of Goliad hike and bike trail as well.

    Come along with me as I explore Goliad State Park & Historic Site!