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To Blog...or not To Blog...

  • To blog or not to blog, that is the question... (my apologies to William Shakespeare. As you can see, the answer was yes, give it a try.)


    Welcome to a "historic" event, our first ever blog post! Something we never thought we'd do....but then 10 years ago, we didn't know we'd be looking at the full-time RV lifestyle either!

    Right now our rig, a 1995 Winnebago Brave, is gathering snow in our side drive awaiting spring and the chance to run again on the open road. So are we!

    Here's a little background about how we got here....sort of.

    After years of various camping modes (tents, pop-up tent campers, pick-up camper) we decided to look for something larger, more comfortable and self-contained. All of which would be an improvement over our mid-80's Skamper 720s pop-top pick-up camper. We began our search looking at tow-behinds and 5th wheels as we had the right (older) truck and an almost new Jeep.

    But as we looked, it became more and more apparent that's not what or where the Lord wanted us. Enter our '95 Winnebago Brave on the used lot for far less than a similar vintage and size trailer. (Here in the Black Hills, trailers are king and motorhomes are few and far between.) But for us and our anticipated travels, this was the way to go. We even had someone come up to Chris at work to ask about the truck (before it went on the market)...and they bought it! You just have to love how God works things out. His timing and ways are perfect.

    So now, here we sit in our house, awaiting the timing to hit the road. First things first though. We will wrap up our work, theatre and ministry commitments here and put the house on the market. Either way, we will hit the road in late July for our first extended trip to see family in the PNW while we wait for the house to sell.

    Did you know RV's have eyebrows?


    The photo was taken last week when I started this post....but we've had a few days in the sunny 50's, most of the snow is gone, and I finally got the courage to "publish"!