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All the timing

  • Gotta love how God works....

    As we wrap up life here in town and get ready to list our house in July, and just when we think it's all set to stay with our gas burner RV for a few months more....like into fall/winter... He shows us a nice diesel pusher that meets almost all of our specifications (it's only 1' longer than we were looking for. I think we can live with that!)

    But there's a catch. Due to theatre commitments here, we can't go get it until the first week of April....and the seller (understandably) doesn't want to take it off the market that long, even with a deposit. And we, of course, are not too sure about buying a rig "sight unseen".

    Now we both know that He is more than able to either keep that rig on the market until the end of March for us (seller will hold for 7 days with deposit) or to provide something even better in our price range and specifications, but I admit....it's hard to wait that out! 

    But we choose to have joy in the journey of getting from our "sticks and bricks" home to full-timing RVing...and as a pastor friend of ours has often often said, "What a ride!"