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Blessed are the Flexible...

  • ...for they shall not be bent out of shape.

    While waiting for sticks and bricks to sell, we decided to visit our kids up in WA late August. (Yes, I am behine on doing any blogging!) About 3 hours into our trip, we spring a coolant leak (probably the heater core). Ugh!

    Fortunatley, we able to nurse "Miss Emmy" back home and came up with a Plan B...unload perishible foods, pack a suitcase and use our Jeep to take the trip. Yes, we had a blast with our kids and grandkids, and here's how things changed us.

    Original plan, I-90 to Seattle, visit, then a nice loop thru some of the canyons in Utah.

    New plan...I-90 both ways with hotels and restaurants (Which helped reinforce yes, RVing best for us!)

    End result? A wonderful time with family, despite the abrupt change from moochdocking in their yard to sleeping on their living room sofas and driving thru smoke-filled skies. Bonus #1, We got to spend some extended time with family in Seattle and Spokane. Bonus #2...We back in time to accept an offer on our house. 

    If we had gone with "Plan A", we would have had to deal with house negotiations on the road. While do-able that way, it was so much easier to take care of it all in person here in town. Closing is set for Nov 3 and we will hit the open road...yes indeed, God is in the details as we eagerly look forward to our next adventures.