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Yellowstone NP

  • Yellowstone national park.

    It was untimely for us that many of the campgrounds were closing for the season.  Several nights in a row were spent searching for a campsite.  This did not allow us the leisure we had wanted to stop and spend more time at each location.  We did get through most of the things to see in Yellowstone and had a great time.  I had visited here around 13 years ago but it was still different and enjoyable I am glad we came. 


    Mary seeing this for the first time truly loved everything.  Did not see bears but many buffalo,  elk,  antelope. 


    The trees were in first bloom of fall colors.  I learned that the grasses change colors too,  soft yellows and reeds are the predominant colors on grasses.


    Watching many different geysers of different colors and activity is so cool.  Once more the feeling of mankind is so small in the universe.




    Parking in a campsite one night I was seeing up the camp chairs and heard a hissing noise.  The rear tire had seemed to separate from the rim, this concerned me for we were 8 miles from West Yellowstone.  We broke camp and went to town right away.  There was plenty of places to get air as we looked for a tire shop.  It was a Saturday and everyone was closed.  Stopping at a NAPA auto store they knew of a place that had opened that Monday and was open on Saturdays.


    This place was so great,  they put the spare on,  found a trailer tire that would work and helped me order 2 tires. Feeling uncomfortable with the old spare on, we limited ourselves in our travels. 

    Sunday we toured the west Yellowstone museum while waiting to meet brother Bob. We met up with brother Bob, Mom and Bob's family also Patton and his wife (Bob's fishing buddy)



     Lunch and catching up we were all smiles.  Caravanning to Big Sky, MT where Bob had rented a large house,  this is the first time in a month I have slept inside a house.  Kind of nice waking up warm and toasty.



    Three days of guided fishing with w different guides we were able to fish the Madison,  Gallatin, Yellowstone rivers.  Beautiful country,  colors in the landscape,  snow capped mountains in the distance,  oh so nice!




    The drive to each river had wonderful views and the conversation of fishing and country side is an experience I will remember.


    The guide would take 2 people in his right boat and 2 people would use brother Bob's raft. I was able to convince brother Bob to let me row the raft to let him get some fishing time in. I actually enjoyed rowing for it allowed me to look around at the landscape more than when your fishing.  You tend to watch and read the water for your casting and forget to look around at the beautiful countryside. 

     Knowing you are on some of the world's most famous trout streams that are also available to common people is exciting. Famous fly fishermen from all over the world have finished the same waters.  Of course you need to catch fish as well,  no problem we all caught fish and had a great time.

     While the fishermen were out fishing Mary, Mom, Jan, Cheryl toured Yellowstone so Mary was able to enjoy the park more and spend time with Mom.

    Last day of guided fishing and my personal best for this trip of 7 fish.


    Tommorrow we alleave the area, Bob and Mom to Sacremento , Patton and Cheryl home in Oregon, Jan take a detour home to Oregon, Mary and I to Oregon and Bob's house for a rest while I fly east for a quick buisness. See you on the road!