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Fall 2019 RV Trip -Rialta Rally's PART 1

  • This is the 1st day of our honeymoon adventure. Starting Gettysburg Pennsylvania the mural on the wall of a grocery store was the first attraction on the Lincoln Highway and we decide to have lunch at the Chinese restaurant in the same shopping plaza. Great way to start a road trip! Round barn attraction but was closed when we're arrived. It is also a fruit market surrounded by orchards.



    Round barn attraction but was closed when we're arrived.  It is also a fruit market surrounded by orchards.  

    Learning how to use the document downloaded from the Lincoln Highway National Foundation and it follows as a Google map but it doesn’t announce as you get to an item in you have to zoom in zoom out made it a little bit challenging but it’s been interesting we missed a few items to some of the items as we’re sitting there on the side of the road where the item is marked and I cannot find it now I don’t think Google missed it and then I found out later because I zoomed out and it was on the next street over so I am just learning how to use the program and we’re going to get more out of this as the trip progresses 

    Mural on Lincoln Bowling Alley  


    We stopped for the night in a quiet place behind a small office building near Chambersburg, PA. It’s a very pretty place here, really nice and quiet. We brought with us our beautiful wedding bouquet and put it up in our RV. It’s the 1st day of our honeymoon travel. I am so, so, so very happy! See you tomorrow ?