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Fall 2019 RV Trip -Rialta Rally's PART 2

  • Picking up from Part 1 we continue our Fall Travels. We had so looked forward to a tour of a potato chip factory and were a little disappointed to learn that Google Maps does not keep up to date for the factory was sold 7 years ago and the new owners do not offer tours. We did learn though that similar to the chocolate factory they produce the same chips for several different companies. Do you recognize any of these brands? seems to me that the potato chip is the same but the recipe is different, so purchase the flavors you want in the cheapest brand and you get the same thing! 



    The next stop was also very interesting. Hamburg, PA home of the original Kazoo! Built in 1907 using electricity from Niagra falls the original equipment is still being used today. A not for-profit company now owns it and utilizes handicap employees to manufacture the Kazoos the same way they have always been made! What a great tour! 











    Visiting Niagara Falls this time as newlyweds we choose to park in RV parking and use the bikes to ride around and see the sights.  Very nice day to be here, sunny and just a hint of color in the trees.  The spray from the falls was quite chilly and we did not stay very long up close. Choosing not to tour the town for it was quite a drive to the next destination it was a good stop overall.