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Fall RV Trip - Rialta Rally's Part 3


    Looking out over the lake with some of the tree’s in foliage color while sitting at the picnicking table my honey comes over and whispers in my ear to tell me dinner is ready……

    The morning was quite cold, the window coverings we had made worked great to keep the RV warm. We made them using the same reflective bible wrap everyone else uses and covered them with a material with aluminum woven through it, this is the same material that cooking hot pads are made of. Very very good insulation! Attached to the windows with command hooks and lowered behind the seats when not in use. The very large window in back is covered the same and stored behind the seats as well. I firmly believe that all extreme temperatures will be better using this insulation.

    Traveling east we begin to follow the Hudson river from its origin in the Adirondacks, logging off the forest was very predominant in early 1900. Fort Ticonderoga was closed for maintenance and we stayed over in a Walmart. Morning shower and breakfast in a really cool local restraint located in downtown Ticonderoga we're some really great pictures of old household items, cute waitress signs too!



    Through this entire travel Tanya continues to work remotely. Usually in the RV as I drive along to the next destination and occasionally taking a break outside. Here she is saying what a wonderful opportunity to work and travel at the same time – “SEE MY OFFICE!”

    Crown Point state historic site has a good self-guided walking tour. All that remains of the fort is mounds of dirt and 2 large barracks one for officers and one for enlisted men.  It is very clear why this location was used for control for the waterway narrows to ¼ mile. Also, several flocks of migrating water birds (I am not familiar with types of birds) we're resting in the water. An entire flock took off at once and it was an amazing sight to see.


    Lake Champlain Marine Museum was as interesting now as it was many years ago when I visited, Tanya got to tour as well and really loved the feel of the floating boat dock and the replica Philadelphia II, one of the gun boats used during the revolutionary war and commanded by Benedict Arnold.  The docent has worked here 28 years and still loves his job!

    The entire story of how important the waterway from New York city up the Hudson river, up Lake George, up Lake Champlain, up the Sorrel or Richelieu River to the Saint Lawrence River and Montreal, Canada. Water was the trade route in these times and important control of the waterway controls the inhabitants.



    We stop at Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream Factory for a quick tour of the ice cream making process. The tour was short but fun and we of course had to get a pint to share. On the way to the campground for the Rialta RV Rally we finished the pint ?


    Rialta’s RV Rally, Braintree, VT October 4-6 2019

    Arriving a late in the day spent the night in a warm coach for the temperature has dropped significantly. The other Rialta’s began arriving on Friday and it was so great meeting up with old friends and making new friends.

    First nights get together was snacks and social with a game to help us introduce ourselves to others. The Rally is very short, just the weekend and Tanya and I spent 4 days in the campground just talking to people and sharing ideas about Rialta’s. One day for a few hours I got out and went with Nancy and Pat to see some covered bridges, wow there are so many around here!




    Social hour was well attended each night.


    Following the Rally we head toward home. Stopping to see the Harley Factory in York, PA and Turkey Hill ice cream factory.

    The Harley Davidson Factory Tour was a really great tour. A very modern factory with computer guided laser welding machines, 300 Ton punch presses they manufacture 228,000 bikes a year. No bike is started in production until an order is placed. The assembly line does multiple models at the same time, not a separate line for each model.

    The were no pictures allowed in the Factory, but these were in the entrance display area. I highly recommend this tour!


    Turkey Hill was not the factory itself but a museum geared towards children, interesting facts about their history.

    Home after 5 weeks Honeymoon travel. Tanya was very emphatic that she does not want to go home, just keep on traveling! See you on the next trip!