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ID, WY, Yellowstone

  • Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park

    Camping in the Bridger Teton National Wilderness, a dispersed camping area with another couple from NY state camping nearby, we have a beautiful view of the Grand Teton Mountains. There happened to be a horse trail ride stop in front of us and it makes an excellent picture of this view from the campsite.



    Playing tourist in Jackson, WY with the required picture in front of antelope arch. The Wild Bill Bar and grill although too expensive for our taste is beautiful to walk through in the afternoon.

    I stopped at a fly fishing shop and they were very helpful to tie a but section onto 2 of my fly lines. I am so out of practice trying knots and really appreciate their help. Soon I will decide where to fish, for the choices are too many and to get a fishing license for 3 states just goes against my frugal spending lifestyle.

    Tanya is also frugal and although she looked around at several shops she did not purchase anything.

    Covid restrictions appeared to have been relaxed, merchants all had masks and hand sanitizer at shop entrances but few tourists wore masks.

    We tried to find the Morman homestead but the GPS took us off on a fun backroads trip so that we eventually gave up and headed back to the campsite.

    We have discovered that the Holland bbq grill makes an excellent oven and we can bake a very good pizza while enjoying a glass of wine and this excellent view. Oh, what a life this is!

    After a few days in the Tetons we move on up to Yellowstone National Park to see the sights. At both National Parks the numbers of tourists is quite down from the normally high level. I am attributing this to Covid-19 in that people are being cautious and also many people have used up their vacation time during the national shutdown. Although this is a terrible thing it does make our travels much more comfortable to have less crowds. We do not come into direct contact with very many people and disinfect frequently so we do not spread viruses.

    I stitched together a short videos of several of the sights to make a memorable video of visiting Yellowstone.

    While we were at a dispersed camping site nearby Yellowstone, a bear came into the campsite. I did not want to become lunch for this Grizzly bear so these pictures were taken at some distance.


    Frugal Tom bites the bullet and decides on a Montana fishing license. After so long of not fly fishing my elbow muscles ache after a short while. As I have experienced in kayaking and during the last work assignment, “ibuprofen is my friend.“ I resolve to continue to fish every few days to build up some new muscle strength.

    Successful at my low level of experience, Tanya gets a trout dinner! (It was very good!)

    Multiple trips into Yellowstone and we feel we have seen about all that is available to see and decide on a fishing day on the Madison river near Ennis, MT. I could not wade very well for the current was quite swift, fortunately the fish thought so also and were close to the bank. 3 fish, 1 of which broke the rod before I got a chance of landing it. Wow, must have been a crack in the rod to break like that, but it makes a good story!

    Got lucky to get a campsite in a National Forest, Madison Baker which is just outside Yellowstone. My brother, mother, sister will meet us here the 4th July weekend so we lock in with a 2 week stay.

    Taking Tanya to the Potato Museum in Blackfoot, ID and she is thrilled at the displays. During my previous trip here I took a video of one of the video displays.


    A work friend Mike had bought a ranch in Wyoming and playing email tag we connected to catch up. What a beautiful place! I did not get a picture of the view from the living room looking over a winding creek and cattle in the field, but you can see a tiny bit of it behind the lodge.

    Mike had just purchased an authentic chuck wagon! So cool! He sent me a video the evening before we arrived of him and his friends, the cowboys, sitting around the fire and singing songs next to the chuck wagon. The next evening, we get to listen to their performing some of the cowboy songs they know. These are not the county songs but cowboy songs – something we have not heard before. Very interesting and really talented!

    A nice visit with Mike, and as he takes the cowboys to Jackson, WY for “playing tourist” we head to Fossil Butte National Monument.

    OMG, so mindboggling, the ranger’s talk of the history of the Earth revealed 5 extinction periods, oxygen and carbon dioxide level changes, impact of a bolide (asteroid) in Yucatan, volcanic activity in Siberia with lava 2 miles deep covering the land mass the size of the US, and lots of other facts.

    The displays were phenomenal. There was a ranger working in a small lab just off the main exhibition hall, using an air gun to remove sediment from a slab of sandstone to expose a fossil. His work was being displayed on a monitor above the lab and for several minutes we thought we were watching a documentary about fossils! When we realized it was a live feed, the ranger paused his work and described to us many facts about the history of our planet, earth formation, fossils, fracking for oil, and much more. It was so interesting! I am so overwhelmed that my brain hurts.


    Returning to our campsite in West Yellowstone, MT we take a down day and cook pizza on the grill, flyfishing, laundry before returning to tour the last location we have not seen inside Yellowstone National Park. The Yellowstone Canyon and Waterfall.


     Finally saw some Elk with antlers in velvet!